10 Things We Do Better

We dare to say that we are the only computer support, network services, or IT consulting firm in the Guelph / Kitchener / Fergus / Orangeville area who can boldly promise you this:

1.    Our Technicians and Staff are Human Beings. We aren’t the typical IT firm with cold arrogant techs and excuse making departments. In fact, we’ve grown great relationships out of the partnerships we’ve developed with our customers. They describe us as friendly, patient and professional. They think we’re cool. We’re down with that.

2.    We Guarantee a One-Hour Response. Our team of experienced technicians will respond immediately or return your call within sixty minutes or less. The work is free if we don’t get back to you in that one-hour time frame.

3.    We’re Available when You Need Us. The days of waiting multiple weeks to hear back from your support partners are gone. No more selecting multiple options on your phone only to land back in cue waiting to be attended to. Our sales, support and technical staff all answer the phones live. We recognize that your businesses operation is of upmost importance, so we make sure you can talk to a live person right away.

4.   You’ll encounter much less to NO problems! We actively monitor and report on each and every system in your network. Any potential problems, unsuccessful virus updates, close-to-full drives and hundreds of other potential situations are alerted to us, and proactively resolved remotely,  usually without your even knowing. We understand that downtime means money. Our number one priority is making sure that happens as little as possible.

5.    Lightning-Speed Repair. Why wait all day for your computer to be repaired? Your computer IT network is important to you. Our remote network IT support services are the answer to this. Through our safe and secure monitoring platform, your computers can usually be repaired remotely, without requiring a visit. If not, we’ll dispatch a technician that same business day.

6.    No Technical Gobbledygook. You’ll get the clear answers to your computer and IT support questions that you deserve. There is absolutely no intimidating “geek speak” by our IT support technicians.

7.    We Won’t Surprise You With Bad News. You can plan on no damage being done to your network and data. Before we begin computer maintenance services, we check to see if there are any possible problems and alert you first. Any risks will be clearly explained and we will get your authorization before we begin working. You can also choose to backup and secure your data beforehand.

8.    All Projects Completed According to Schedule AND Budget – Guaranteed. Know that by hiring us for IT Consulting, to complete a project, or perform Managed Services, there will be no “nickel and diming” for charges that are unexpected. Sometimes this happens with unethical and incompetent technicians who have improperly planned and researched. We do the right thing and make no excuses. Your IT support project will be completed within time constraints, resources, scope, and budget.

9.    We are Well Established, Trusted and Local! Most larger IT firms come from the big city, and often don’t survive past a couple years worth of mishaps. We have grown considerably during the past 11 years, but are proud to have been able to keep the personal communication and relationships with our clients.

10.    Our Guarantee -100% Unconditional Satisfaction. The total satisfaction you deserve awaits you with our technology services and IT consulting. With our IT management services, nothing will get in the way of making sure you are a happy customer. If for any reason you’re unhappy with work we’ve done, we’ll make it right, and you won’t pay for it.

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