Archive | April, 2011

10 Easy Ways To Eliminate E-mail Overload

E-mail driving you crazy? Every time you delete one, do five more show up? Are you finding it impossible to answer every e-mail you receive? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Some people are even declaring e-mail bankruptcy — they dump every e-mail in their inbox and start over. […]

Think You’re Safe? Hackers Are Targeting Macs!

Until recently, MacIntosh computer users have long enjoyed relative freedom from hacker attacks and viruses; however, researchers at Symantec Corporation say online criminals are now setting their sites on Mac users. Online porn hunters are the latest target. Visitors to certain web sites are led to believe they can download a free video player when […]

The 23 Most Important Rules Of E-mail Etiquette

More than 80 years have passed since Emily Post wrote her first book on etiquette. Back then, the rules had more to do with how to properly introduce someone and which fork to use at a dinner party. But with the introduction of new communication tools comes new rules of engagement. Here are 32 quick […]

Top 5 Reasons to be Thankful

When you’re making a list of things to be thankful for, computers and technology usually don’t make the list; as a matter of fact, they often get put on the “hate” list of things that frustrate us! However, I think it’s time someone gave credit where credit is due! Here are the top 5 reasons […]