4 Solid Reasons Why You Should Throw Away Your Tape or Insufficient Local Backup And Switch To Our Orbital Backup Service This Month

1. Because It’s FREE!!!

In case you haven’t been paying attention, for the last 6 months I’ve been knocking myself out trying to get your attention to upgrade your current tape backup to our new Orbital Backup Service.

There’s a mountain of evidence and several smart reasons why you should upgrade your backup this month, such as:

2.)  You’ll be able to be back up and running MUCH faster in the event of a disaster; and a “disaster” doesn’t always have to be a tornado or a flood; data can also become corrupt or get erased due to hardware failures and software “glitches.” With our Orbital BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) backup, you can literally be back up and working within 24 hours or LESS, where your current tape system could have you down for days—possibly even weeks—while we relocate all your software, re-build the server, re-install and configure the software, and retrieve your data. That’s just crazy! Sure, tape backups are better than nothing, but now there IS a better alternative!

3.)  Tape drives have an average failure rate of 100% – yep, that means all tape drives will fail at some point, often without any signs or warnings! Tapes are very sensitive to heat and moisture; so if you are taking your tape drives home with you in your car, there is a very good chance the data is useless. And the worst part is that tape failure often gives no warning whatsoever—the only way to know if your data is actually in a format that can be restored, is to perform regular, monthly (even weekly) test restores. When is the last time you did that with one of your tapes?

4.)  If your office gets broken into, is destroyed by a fire or flood, or gets hit with a major storm, EVERYTHING is going down with the ship, including your tape and local backups and software disks. You just cannot afford to ignore the importance of having an offsite copy of your data! Plus, our new Orbital Backup will enable you to ‘plug back in’ and start working from any location—even if you and your staff are forced to maintain a “virtual” office for a period of time.
That’s Why I’m Pulling Out All The Stops To Give You A FREE Month Of Service!

    Why would I do this? Couple of reasons…

First, it’s feeling like spring is right around the corner, and I’m in a giving sort of mood. So if you call me before March 1st, I’ll give you the first month of service absolutely free!
Second, I know you are just busy and probably not thinking about your backups. After all, if it’s not broken, why fix it, right? Wrong! If your seat belt in your car was broken, you’d have it fixed ASAP even if you weren’t planning on crashing anytime soon. Same goes with your data backup.

We hope you NEVER have to resort to an emergency backup, but if you do, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your data will be there and you can continue working regardless of what happens. Need a 5th and final reason to upgrade now? Many of you are getting towards the end of the year and you are better off upgrading NOW and taking the tax deduction than waiting until next year.

To secure your first month of FREE service, fill in your information here or call Mark or Terry NOW: 519-843-1234 or e-mail us at backup@planetcpu.com

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