Are Your Backups Adequate for Your Business?

Everyone knows that backing up computer files is vital, and this is certainly the case with small business technology. But a lack of information or belief that backups are too costly or time consuming often cause us to put it off. And that can be disastrous. Lost computer files have cost many businesses weeks, months or even years of work.

Critical files include banking and other financial records, inventory lists, electronic catalogs, customer data, marketing materials, presentations and much more. But data can disappear for many reasons. Hardware can fail, be damaged or stolen. Files can be accidentally deleted or computer viruses can make them vanish.

In short, danger lurks and you must be prepared. Having backup files available in the event of trouble could be the difference between your small business staying open or having to shut down.

There are several ways to backup your small business technology. One simple method for small amounts of data is to copy or “burn” your files to a CD or a USB flash card. Or keep a secondary computer or external hard drive around to serve as your backup center. You can also use PlanetCPU’s automated Background Backup – a service that allows you to back up your data to a safe, secure off-site location. Depending on the amount and type of data you need to save, you can use any one method, or a combination. The key is to make certain at least one set of files is kept in another secure location. A process that literally takes just minutes can help protect years worth of labor locked up in your computers.

No business is too new or too small to have a backup plan. Here are five essentials:

  • Decide which files or data are critical to keeping your small business operating.
  • Select the method or methods of backing up your critical data you will use.
  • Perform a full backup at least once a week. Backup any critical data daily to a removable device.
  • Test your ability to restore your files at least quarterly. In other words, make sure the backup systems really work.
  • Store your backups offsite – far enough away so a disaster won’t strike both locations. You can also keep a full backup copy onsite.

These aracking Up Your Small Businesse just a few options you can choose from when backing up your small business technology – whatever method you choose, backup often! PlanetCPU can help your business come up with a safe, secure backup strategy of its own! We actively monitor your backups to ensure they’re occurring, and test your backups regularly. Call PlanetCPU today to find out how they can help with your business IT support.

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