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The 3 Most Expensive Computer Disasters… And How To Avoid Them

Have you every lost an hour of work on your computer? Now imagine if you lost day or weeks of work – or even ALL of the files, databases, pictures, music, and financial information you have ever produced or compiled. Pretty scary thought yet most small businesses and home users are wide open to this […]

Are Your Backups Adequate for Your Business?

Everyone knows that backing up computer files is vital, and this is certainly the case with small business technology. But a lack of information or belief that backups are too costly or time consuming often cause us to put it off. And that can be disastrous. Lost computer files have cost many businesses weeks, months […]

Mac, PC and IT Services for Small and Medium Businesses

PlanetCPU, located in Fergus, Ontario has specialized in Home, Small Business and Corporate Computer Sales, Service and Solutions since the 1990’s. We have developed an outstanding reputation for 2 main reasons. First, by providing high quality, reliable – yet affordable Server, Gaming and Home Computer systems and products. We don’t sell garbage, so our customer […]