How Does Your Current Computer Guy Stack Up?

Take this quiz to find out!

How do you know when you are receiving poor computer service?
How do you know when your computer company isn’t protecting you from hackers, viruses, network crashes and downtime, data loss, or other disasters?

Is your computer technician actually jeopardizing your business?

If your computer guy doesn’t score a “yes” on every question, you are paying for substandard computer support.

Are emergencies responded to within one hour?
Can you reach them 24/7/365?
Have they been in business for more than 10 years?
When you call, do you talk with technician or is it just a call taker?
Do you feel that they listen to you?
Do all their technicians have Federal Bureau of Investigation clearances?
Are they responsive for non-emergency problems?
Do they have a maintenance plan to keep your critical computer settings secure
and up-to-date?
Will they monitor and watch over your network 24/7?
Do they look for ways to improve your network’s performance and make recommendations?
Do they provide clear invoices so that you know what you are paying for?
Do they explain to you what the problem is?
Do they answer your questions so that you understand? Or do they speak geek at you?
Do they complete your projects and network upgrades on time?
Do they respond to your requests quickly?
Will they guarantee their work?
Does your technician arrive on time for meetings?
Are they professionally dressed?
Do they have more than one technician on staff who is familiar with your network?
Are their technicians Microsoft Certified?
Do they take their time to fix the problem the first time?
Are they focused on you and your issues or are they taking calls from other clients?
Do they insist that you have a reliable and safe backup solution and disaster recovery plan?


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