Comprehensive IT Support Management and Computer Network Maintenance for Businesses

PlanetCPU’s “Manage IT” Service provides businesses with Flat-Rate Remote Desktop and Server Support, Email Support Ticket System, and the peace of mind that their network is being monitored and proactively maintained to ensure the best possible operating conditions and maximum possible up-time of your servers and workstations. Using our highly secure and sophisticated remote platform, we ensure your systems are completely safe, secure, patched and running at utmost efficiency. We study regular reports about your systems and network that allow us to proactively maintain the network remotely, providing you with huge IT benefits for a fraction of the cost of what you’re paying now to solve problems we avoid. Although customizable, our Monitor IT Support Package typically comes with the following great features;

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of all the important components of your systems, with full detailed proactive reporting
  • Many IT services and Routine Tasks on each Server and Workstation (Patches, Updates, De-fragmentation and other Routine Maintenance)
  • Lightening Fast One-Click Remote Desktop and Server Support and Repairs. Over 80% of the problems we encounter can be fixed in 15 minutes – which is included. This lowers your on-site technician and travel costs significantly!
  • Included Help Desk “Email Support” Ticket System Services

  • Access to Priority On-Site Service at a Discounted Rate by one of our Professional, Friendly Technicians
  • Peace of Mind that PlanetCPU strives to keep your network running fast, efficient and cost effective.

For more information about this special offer, please click here to contact us or call: (519) 843-1234

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